The largest business broking firm on the South Coast

A sound selling history

Thank you for considering Grant Business Brokers Australia (GBBA) and for the opportunity to assist you with the sale of your business.  GBBA is the largest business broking firm on the NSW South Coast (Wollongong – Eden) with a sound selling history, which will of course give you the best chance of selling.

We will make every effort to get the ‘right’ purchaser the first time by using our proven strategy ‘5 steps to buying a business’.  This formula is unique to GBBA and has been developed from our 34 + years experience on the South Coast and over 56 years experience in the finance sector.

It is absolutely essential that we get the price 100% correct if we are to achieve a timely sale.  To this end, we will conduct a full market appraisal and provide you with a comprehensive report that looks at the business from several perspectives, including the team acting for the buyer.  Clearly, if the business is not attractive to the purchaser or their professional advisers, it will not sell.

About the broker

The Principal Broker is James P (Jim) Grant jp.

Jim has had over 32 years experience as a personal & corporate retail banker, and carries all licenses relative to business broking, real estate and management rights.

Jim has been resident at the same Narooma address for the last 33 years & has a reputation for extreme honesty & integrity in the community.


The information contained in this site has been obtained from the business proprietors. Whilst GRANT BUSINESS BROKERS AUSTRALIA (GBBA) has made reasonable enquiries as to the correctness of the relevant information we can make no associated guarantees and consequently we give no warranty as to the information given or contained.

We strongly suggest that before you proceed with any business purchase you should seek professional advice from your accountant, solicitor or your financial advisor.